You don't need to describe your character in details yet.All I need for now is :
- Number of characters (with pics if you have some)
- Artwork size (Icon, bust, half-body, or full body)
- What you want them to do/the pose
- Detailed background or simple/no background
- Is it for personnal or commercial use
- your budget/price range (optionnal)

Greetings !

I'm Laxianne, 26yo, I work as a graphic designer & I draw fanarts and other stuff as a hobby.
I pretty much learned all my art skills by myself.
I've been sharpening my artskills for 10~11 years now.
I tend to develop strong hyperfixations other fictional characters, so most of my work consists of fan art.
However, I have also been working on three webcomics for several years and I hope to bring them to fruition soon <3

Current interests

What I use :

Ipad Air 4



Wacom Intuos

If you're interested in some commissions/other,
Feel free to contact me !

House of Cards

House of Cards

Status : funded

House of Cards is an anime inspired card deck created by 39 different artists. This is a traditional card deck with each of the 54 cards having a unique character with an even more unique design to enhance your card playing experience. With plenty of supplementary merchandise to sweeten the deal, we hope you pledge and help us fund this beautiful card deck!

JJBA Time Zine

Status : funded

This Chronology is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Zine centered around the subject of time and the various means time can be bent, shaped, twisted and in the extreme case, utterly broken beyond repair within the sphere of the JoJo Universe.

JJBA Pride Collab'

Status : funded

This is a charity pin collab' with other Jojo artists, hosted by Roachy.
All profits will go The Trevor Project.
Update : the project was succefully founded, thank you all for your support <3

Espressione II

Status : Funded

The continuation of Espressione I, an aesthetic Bruabba Fanzine, featuring returning and new contributors.
This zine will be focused on featuring aesthetics. Each artist will pick an aesthetic to make illustration of or to write about.
The zine will be free to all !

This place is more of an archive to keep track of time.
You'll find some illustrations I did, as well as plenty of sketches, and all the drawing challenges I've participated in.







Each day I would create a sketch based on a given prompt that specified an imposed character and color that I had to use.
The main focus of this challenge was to find a balance with imposed colors that may not necessarily match the subject of the drawing,
and learn how to use saturation & brightness correctly.


Every day I would draw a character based on a given prompt.
The main focus of this challenge was execution speed and being able to effectively capture the main elements of the character's design


Some unfinished artworks :


Here are the works I cherish the most of 2022. I feel always a bit forced render & finish them, that is why most of them stayed in that stage :

Sketches 2023

Here are the works I cherish the most of 2023. I feel always a bit forced render & finish them, that is why most of them stayed in that stage :

JojoJune 2021

This challenge was a bit chaotic, there's good things and... less good things :')

Color Palette Challenge 2021

My second 30 days drawing challenge, that directly follow the previous one, making it a 60 days challenge !
It's really hard for me not to end up drawing in monochrome as I'm not really good at choosing the right colors :

Ping pong challenge 2020

This is the very first 30days drawing challenge I've ever done, each @Riz_Pilaff and I would draw something for each other, JJBA theme !
(This was also my first time using an Ipad with Procreate~)

februfandom 2023

1 day, 1 fanart, following a given prompt <3
Most of them aren't finished, sadly. I had a tight schedule :')


This is the very first Inktober I've done digitally, and also the first I've managed to fully complete !
Mainly JJBA themed :


This project was one of my fav I've ever created :
I made thread where people could ask for a character, and each day of december, I would offer a fanart of the character to the person.
(made in less than an hour)
It was very pleasant & funny to see people's reactions <3


I haven't worked with traditionnal medium for years, this one was a big challenge !
All of these drawings are made with Pigma pens and some Poscas.